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TSCM™ Services, based in South Africa, is a LEADING countermeasures company in the World, specialising exclusively in business counterintelligence and countersurveillance services.

In addition to our countermeasures services we also offer high quality countermeasures and privacy protection equipment for various protection levels. We also present technical surveillance countermeasures training courses for corporate, government and security professionals.

TSCM™ Services was founded in 1996 by counterintelligence, technical surveillance countermeasures and intelligence specialists offering unique services to combat the growing treat of industrial espionage and illegal eavesdropping and surveillance. We have extensive verifiable experience and training in technical surveillance countermeasures/counterintelligence and regularly work with international specialists.

The company is situated in Centurion (Pretoria), Gauteng, South Africa, 15 kilometers south of the Capital city, Pretoria and about 40 kilometers north of the Johannesburg business hub. We work nationally and regularly visit the other main business areas in South Africa. (Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban)

We also undertake international assignments on a selective basis and have performed surveys in Europe, Scandinavia, the UK and Africa for a number of South African companies with overseas offices and business interests as well as a number of international companies and clients.

We are at present the only company in South Africa and one of a few in the World that specialises exclusively in business counterintelligence matters and technical surveillance countermeasures.

We only accept instructions from legitimate and identifiable companies and individuals. We do not accept instructions in South Africa where the involvement of any of the South African Intelligence or Law Enforcement Agencies would be anticipated.

No services in contravention of Act 70 of 2002 (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communications Related Information)) will be performed. We do not engage in bugging, wiretapping or electronic espionage.

If you suspect that you or your company could be the target of illegal technical surveillance please do not call or fax us from a telephone or office that you fear may be targeted. Use a safe phone away from the premises.

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We present a basic and an advanced course in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. Both courses are presented over 10 working days.

Click here for more information regarding the training courses:

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Equipment Sales

TSCM Services is the exclusive distributor and a prime source in Africa and the Middle East of high quality countersurveillance and eavesdropping detection equipment. We specialise in equipment utilised by both government and corporate technical surveillance countermeasures teams. Please visit us for demos to compare our range of equipment with other available equipment. You are also welcome to contact us for additional information, brochures and technical information about the equipment. All equipment sales is done in conjunction with hands-on product training at our offices in Pretoria, South Africa.

We only offer state of the art equipment manufactured by Research Electronics International (REI). REI products are used in over 85 countries worldwide by professional sweep teams as well as law enforcement organisations, corporations, and governments to protect sensitive or critical information. REI's offices are located in Tennessee USA.

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There is no quick fix or "special box" to detect all eavesdropping devices


We offer survey services (debugging & sweeping) to discover and locate illegal eavesdropping devices. Our surveys are conducted using meticulous procedures and equipment suitable for the level of the threat that needs to be addressed.

We survey the offices, boardrooms and homes of executives and other personnel where sensitive discussions are often held. Trained staff performs the surveys with professional equipment.

We regret that we do not accept any "domestic" assignments relating to divorce, marital problems, etc. We only accept assignments from the corporate and business sector as described under our company profile.

We also support personal and VIP protection programmes, provide secure environments for special meetings and offer workshops on the threat of eavesdropping. We regularly consult with companies regarding their communication security needs, encryption, etc.

The technical surveillance countermeasures survey includes the following investigations and analysis :

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What is TSCM?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is a counterintelligence activity and refers to the countermeasures that are employed to detect or to defeat attempts to gain any information, whether privileged, confidential or of a very personal nature through the use of a variety of eavesdropping and other listening and transmitting devices.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services require a combination of skills and specialised knowledge about electronics, technical know how, counterintelligence, countermeasures, security, investigations, the law and many other disciplines, all in an attempt to prevent the gathering of information from a subject without the person's knowledge.

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