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TSCM Services is the exclusive distributor and a prime source in Africa and the Middle East of high quality countersurveillance and eavesdropping detection equipment. We specialise in equipment utilised by both government and corporate technical surveillance countermeasures teams. Please visit us for demos to compare our range of equipment with other available equipment. You are also welcome to contact us for additional information, brochures and technical information about the equipment. All equipment sales is done in conjunction with hands-on product training at our offices in Pretoria, South Africa.

We only offer state of the art equipment manufactured by Research Electronics International (REI). REI products are used in over 85 countries worldwide by professional sweep teams as well as law enforcement organisations, corporations, and governments to protect sensitive or critical information. REI's offices are located in Tennessee USA.

Details regarding the following equipment are listed below :

OSCOR 5000
Automatically detects, stores, & classifies potentially threatening RF signals as well as infrared and carrier current.
  • Digital Spectrum Analyser designed specifically for countersurveillance
  • Detects spread spectrum, frequency hopping, and burst transmitters
  • Detects signals up to 21 GHz with optional MDC-2100
  • Stores Database of Detected Signals
  • Provides suite of demodulators allowing user to see video and hear audio
  • OSCOR PC Interface Software (OPC) to create permanent database of sweep environments
  • The latest software (released late 2004) provides the capability to store spectrum trace analysis from multiple locations or from different times in order to perform detailed high resolution trace analysis comparisons

ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator

Detects and locates hidden electronic devices that may be embedded behind a wall or hidden in other inconspicuous objects, regardless of whether the device is operational or is powered on :
  • Effective in locating electronic threats including digital recorders, hardwired microphones, transmitters, and hidden video cameras
  • Extremely portable - powered by camcorder-style rechargeable NiCad batteries
  • The ORION is the smallest, lightest, and most sophisticated NLJD in the world
  • 2nd & 3rd Harmonics

ORION Toolkit

The miscellaneous toolkit fits into the carrying of the Orion making it easy to transport. The toolkit contains various :
  • Multipurpose tools,
  • Borescope
  • Combination stud finder and metal detector
  • RF Wire tracer and Multi-meter
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • Various tools
  • UV light & pen
  • Flashlights
  • Drill bits


Increased Radiated Power and Receiver Sensitivity provides
Superior Detection Range for evaluating dense or thick materials...

The ORION is the World's leading Non-Linear Detector (NLJD) for detecting hidden electronic deviecs.
The unique High Gain anteena design provides increase transmit power efficiency and receiver sensitivity for specialty applications (i.e. evaluating thick and dense objects such as concrete, thick wood, etc.)
  • Effective Radiated Powwr (ERP) is more than double the standard ORION
  • Increased transmit efficiency and receiver sensitivity due to hich gain antenna
  • Patented Frequency Signal Processing Algorithms increase sensitivity
  • Wide frequency range: 880 - 1005 MHz
  • Patented Frequency Hopping functionality
  • Lightweight, Balanced, Erogonomic Design: only 3.3lbs (1.5kg), easy to read display on the antenna head
  • PC software for remote use or to create customized operational profiles to "lock" certain features for use in hazardous environments

CPM-700 Deluxe Countersurveillance Probe/Monitor

Detects and locates major types of electronic surveillance devices up to 12 GHz such as room, phone, and body bugs.
  • Extremely effective against spread spectrum, frequency hopping, and other sophisticated transmitters
  • Demodulates strongest signal allowing user to hear analogue audio
  • Detects RF transmitters, carrier current transmitters, infrared transmitters, and acoustic leakage


The MRA-3Q is an advanced automatic radio scanner suited for instant detection of various types of radio bugs in the frequency range 36 MHz - 3 600 MHz (3.6 GHz). The basis of the system is radio spectrum memory combined with an ultra fast scanning. The whole frequency range is scanned every eight seconds and the freshly received signals are compared with the initially stored "clean" background spectrum. The presence of a new signal activates a three level alarm output. All new signals are stored in an alarm memory including statistical information. The MRA-3Q can be used within the QM-4000 network system, which allows full remote control and various extended functionality


The ETA-3A has been specifically designed for testing both single line and electronic telephones in use worldwide today. Now you can test voltages both on-hook and off-hook, do multi-tone sweeping, listen to all wire combinations and cheek current flow in any combinations of wires. The ETA-3A displays voltages and currents on an easy to read digital panel meter.

Tests New Phones and Systems
The ETA-3A can test single line telephones and fax machines and lines. The ETA-3A is also compatible with all types of electronic telephone systems and is the best way to safely test both digital and hybrid telephone instruments used in these systems.

Multi-Tone Sweep Generation
During tone sweep testing, the ETA-3A uses a new multiple tone sweep generating system, which simultaneously generates a main tone sweeping between 300 and 4.000 Hertz and a series of smaller range sweeping oscillators that overlap in their coverage. This technique, not available in older telephone analysers, assures the triggering of any multiple tone infinity transmitters that may be on the line.

High Voltage Testing
The high voltage test of the ETA-3A is used to detect eavesdropping attacks utilising Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR's), diodes, neon bulbs, etc. The voltage amplitude may be adjusted from the front panel and is monitored by the digital panel meter. When testing sensitive electronic systems, the ETA-3A will not produce any damaging voltages.

Simple Operation
All necessary accessories are provided as part of the ETA-3A package. Included is a simple instruction book that will enable even an inexperienced operator to quickly learn how to use the equipment.

Carrying Case
The ETA-3A is built into a rugged aluminum carrying case, with all accessories secured within the case. A built in locking mechanism is supplied

CMA-100 Countermeasures Amplifier

Detects certain types of audio surveillance devices that may be connected to building wiring (telephone, LAN, security system, and other miscellaneous wiring), as well as providing an extremely high power amplifier to test for structural bound audio leakage.
  • 145 dB of dynamic range
  • No need to adjust input impedance due to Automatic Gain Control functions
  • Automatic Attenuator to prevent overload
  • Built-in digital voltmeter for testing line levels
  • Adjustable bias voltage (15V to +15V) to activate possible devices that are voltage or current sensitive

Video Pole Camera VPC-64

The VPC-64 is a self contained, light weight pole camera for inspecting hard to reach or dangerous areas. The VPC-64 is excellent for examining drop ceilings, in or around un-movable objects or tight areas for potential listening devices, security risks and other security breaches.

The expandable pole goes from a few centimetres to jus under two meters with no external cables giving a reach of more than 3 meters. The unit is lightweight and fits into a small carrying case.

The removable colour camera head has built in variable white-light illuminators providing crisp colour images even in dark or low light situations. An optional low light B & W camera head is available for tactical or covert applications.

ANG-2200 Acoustic Noise Generator

Protects proprietary or sensitive conversations against eavesdropping threats from perimeter contact microphones and reflected laser listening devices
  • Injects tunable random masking noise into perimeter structures (walls, ceilings, windows, air ducts, etc.) to mask structural bound audio
  • Effective defense against structure bound audio leakage eavesdropping threats
  • Dual Channels provide independent control of multiple surfaces
  • Spectrum Analysis Software ensures masking noise is properly adjusted to provide adequate masking without being too loud or disruptive

PNG-200 Portable Noise Generator

Can be used as a personal noise masking device to protect close proximity private conversations, or can provide a complete masking system when multiple units are used.
  • Mounts easily to walls and windows to protect against acoustic leakage or reflected laser listening devices
  • Multiple units fit in a briefcase designed for ruggedness and portability

DPA-7000 Digtal Phone Line Analyzer

Analyze, Inspect, and Test digatl telephone lines for taps or other eaverdropping devices....
  • Digital Demodulation to confirm that the telephone line is not passing audio (demoulation code is upgradable for new phone systems, expected to cover 80% of worlds's PBX/ACD phone systems).
  • Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) similar to TDR to check for taps on the line.
  • NLJD Line Trace Probe for verifying electronic taps and tracing wires to locate eletronics
  • Audio Oscilloscope with active input (20Hz to 20KHz).
  • High Gain Audio amplifier (20Hz to 20KHz).
  • Digital Multimeter tests voltage, current, resistance & capacitance.
  • Bias Generator +- 80 VDC, direct digital control to use with Audio Amplifier, NLJD and FDR.
  • Automatic Internal Pair Awitching automatically performs tests on all pair combinations.
  • Base-band and composite video detect and capture checks for video on lines
  • RF Broadband Detector tests lines for RF up to 8GHz.
  • Multi-Test Database System perorms multiple tests at once, om all pair combinations, storing data in a database for comparison against other lines and historical comparison

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