Information Protection Awareness Briefing

We are offering a specialised morning briefing (08:30 - 12:15) to help organisations and their personnel understand how they may improve business performance by using a practical but thorough process to protect their own sensitive information and intellectual property.

We are presenting information protection awareness briefings on:

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The objective of the briefing is to help :

  • employees recognise that the information that they handle is valuable;
  • that they are vulnerable;
  • to increase their security awareness of the threats against information; and
  • to inform them of their roles and responsibilities in the corporate environment.

More and more companies are now making their staff on all levels aware of the threats against business information. No business is immune!

Corporate information gathering - from the ethical to the clearly criminal - is a fact of life, but in bad economic times, the urge to get an edge is greater! Competitors want to know what makes your company successful or what your company may do in the future to improve its competitive situation!

The danger of corporate intelligence is often underestimated as most of the time there are no overt signs or indications of the attack against a company, making it difficult to spot.

Many companies will and can go to extraordinary lengths to obtain information about their competitors. They can make use of legal/ethical, unethical and illegal information gathering techniques or a combination of these techniques to gather business secrets.

These advanced and innovative briefings designed to educate management and staff can also be presented in-house at your facilities. The Information Protection Awareness Briefings are professional and tailor made to suit different staff levels and to provide a full understanding of modern espionage methods, "trade craft" and what the protection against intelligence collection efforts entails.

Awareness briefings and the topics covered can be adapted to suit your requirements and time schedule. The intelligence and espionage threats vary from company to company, country to country and place to place. Important factors are the level of sophistication, business ethics and customs of competitors, especially of those in foreign countries.

If you deal with sensitive information, information that has economic value, company records or personal information or do not have a proper understanding of your role in this regard, then this briefing is for you.

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