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TSCM Services is presenting an advanced training course on Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. The course is presented over 10 working days. (90-hours)

The co-presenter of the course is Rob Muessel, Managing Director of TSCM Technical Services from Connecticut in the USA. Muessel is recognised internationally as a technical surveillance countermeasures expert.

We presented the first advanced training course in South Africa from 21 January to 1 February 2002. Rob Muessel, Managing Director of TSCM Technical Services from Connecticut in the USA was the co-presenter.

Lorenzo Lombard - TSCM Services Technical Director

Rob Muessel testing a telephone line

Presenting a Course Certificate

Practical telephone line testing


The cost to attend this two week course is R 22 572.00 (Including VAT) per person, excluding accommodation.

We have negotiated a discount accommodation deal with the Protea Waterfront Hotel should you wish to stay at the hotel for the duration of the course. The cost to attend the two week course, including accommodation (Monday – Friday, both weeks) is R 36 392.00 (Including VAT) per person.

If you book three people from the same company or department, a fourth person can attend the course at a 50% discount on the training fees. (The discount is not applicable on the accommodation portion).

You are also welcome to contact us for additional information or click here for the online registration form.

International Participants

The cost to attend this two week course is € 3 675.00 or US $ 4 900.00 per person, including workshop material, pick-up and drop-off at the Johannesburg International airport, certificate, all meals and accommodation from the first Monday of the start of the course to the second Friday that the course concludes, including the weekend in between. You are responsible for your own accommodation prior to the start of the course. Additional information about the Protea Waterfront Hotel is available at http://www.proteahotels.com/protea-hotel-waterfront-centurion.html

A prerequisite for attending the advanced course is the completion of the "Basic Course in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures" presented by TSCM Services or attendance of a recognised course or relevant prior experience. Attendees have to provide their own equipment for the course, i.e. spectrum analyser/spectrum corrolator, NLJD and telephone line analyser/telephone test equipment. We will also provide equipment such as spectrum analysers, spectrum corrolator, TDR, Oscilloscope, etc.

The objectives of the course are to hone the skills acquired in the basic course and to expose the attendees to advanced theory, techniques and practices.

The course provides attendees with further in-depth instruction on the nature of the vulnerabilities of electronic telephone systems to manipulation and interception. Telephone cabling systems are studied to gain first hand knowledge of inspection and tracing techniques. More in-depth information is presented on exotic RF modulation techniques and ways to detect them.

Attendees will experience much more hands-on insights into effective countermeasures programmes and prevention.

Topics that will be covered during the course include :

Radio Frequency (RF) Technology

  • Review of RF countermeasures
  • Recognising, identifying and locating special types of RF sources: spread spectrum, sub-carrier, frequency hopping
  • Wireless communication systems operations and vulnerabilities
  • Wireless PBXs
  • PCS and other Systems
  • Locating Level 3+ operating transmitters

Advanced Telephone Countermeasures and Analysis

  • Electronic PBX vulnerabilities
  • Single and multi-line telephone instrument testing
  • Cable Tracing
  • Electronic instrument testing
  • Threat evaluations

Advanced Physical Search Practices and Procedures

  • NLJD's
  • Use of audio amplifiers
  • Nondestructive wall examining techniques

Aspects of New Building Construction, Renovations

  • Monitoring new construction
  • Conference and Boardroom Security

Prevention of Non-electronic Information Gathering

Countermeasures for Traveling Executives

New Communication Vulnerabilities

  • Fiber optics & lasers

Overview of Voice and Data Encryption

Equipment Usage

  • Extensive daily hands-on use of own and other receiver systems, telephone testing equipment and search gear to perfect on-site sweep techniques and practices

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