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There is no quick fix or "special box" to detect all eavesdropping devices


We offer survey services (debugging & sweeping) to discover and locate illegal eavesdropping devices. Our surveys are conducted using meticulous procedures and equipment suitable for the level of the threat that needs to be addressed.

We survey the offices, boardrooms and homes of executives and other personnel where sensitive discussions are often held. Trained staff performs the surveys with professional equipment.

We regret that we do not accept any "domestic" assignments relating to divorce, marital problems, etc. We only accept assignments from the corporate and business sector as described under our company profile.

We also support personal and VIP protection programmes, provide secure environments for special meetings and offer workshops on the threat of eavesdropping. We regularly consult with companies regarding their communication security needs, encryption, etc.

The technical surveillance countermeasures survey includes the following investigations and analysis :


We offer various options depending on the threat level and are capable of performing a spectrum analysis up to 20 GHz. (20 000 MHz)

We check for all types of transmitters and electro-magnetic radiating devices which transmit audio, video, or data signals, including free space transmissions and devices that utilise the power lines as a transmission media. Special techniques such as sub-carrier and spread spectrum are also addressed during the RF spectrum analyses.

We utilise various instruments such as a computer controlled spectrum analyser, a spectral correlator, wide band receivers, etc., to detect, demodulate and identify all radio frequency (RF) signals in the area under survey. A spectrum analyser allows the operator not just to hear but also to see the signals detected. This is helpful in those instances where it is difficult to demodulate signals. The detected signals are also stored on the computer's hard drive for future surveys and comparisons.

Conducting a RF sweep without a spectrum analyser can be compared to trying to run a computer without a computer monitor

Telecommunications Systems Analysis

We are capable of testing digital, electronic and electro-mechanical single and multi-line telephone sets and lines for devices and modifications which would allow the interception of room audio and telephone conversation.

Tests include the use of Single and Multi-line Telephone Analysers designed to detect all known threats.

We also test telephone lines and cable pairs for all known wiretapping techniques or cable pair modifications that would allow for the interception of telephone conversations and room audio. Tests are done to reveal all wire irregularities, including parallel bridge taps and split/resplit inductive wiretaps.

Telephone frame rooms and distribution panels in the area of concern are physically and electronically inspected. The equipment used is compatible with all three generations of telephones, electro-mechanical, electronic and digital systems.

Physical Inspection

A thorough physical search is performed in the areas under investigation. The search includes all crawl spaces, drop ceilings, floor coverings, fixtures, appliances, and office equipment. Particular attention is being paid to the areas adjoining the rooms that have to be secured as well as the walls between the areas.

The wiring exiting the areas under survey is visually inspected and electronically tested to verify that no room audio is present on the wires. Room surfaces are also examined with Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD's). The NLJD is a microwave device that detects active or passive electronic circuitry that may be hidden in furniture, walls, ceilings, etc. Depending on the size of the area more than one NLJD will be employed.

The testing procedures during the physical search also include the detection of active or inactive infrared, light or ultrasonic and microwave transmitters beyond the range of the RF analysis.

We also use a variety of multi-meters, scopes, flashlights, ladders and other instrumentation necessary to perform a thorough physical inspection.

Analysis and Report

At the completion of the survey a comprehensive report outlining the work performed, results, record of findings, readings/measurements, as well as our evaluation and recommendations are furnished.


Trained staff members perform the surveys. Certificates and proof of attendance of training courses, workshops, seminars as well as Government service records are available.

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